The Broken Key (OST)


original sound track


Waiting for You 5’29’’

Main Title 2’10’’

Transmission (string quartet) 1’14’’

The Schooner 1’49’’

The Broken Key 1’34’’

Drowning 1’40’’

Burial Chamber - Arrival in Turin 1’56’’

Fight in Saliceto 1’25’’

Starry Sky Theme - Main Theme 3’06’’

Tell Me the Name 2’18’’

The Masca 3’06’’

Rosazza 1’37’’

The Egyptian Museum 1’33’’

The Sacra of San Michele (arrival and ascension) 1’39’’

Inside the Sacra and The Mask 2’54’’

Fight at the Sacra 1’06’’

The Research 1’02’’

Fight in Piazza Castello 1’56’’

The Funeral Dream (Confutatis) 3’21’’

The Chase and the Arrival to the Gran Madre 1’59

Waiting for you (orchestral reprise) 1’03’’

I’m Now 2’16’’

The Broken Key - Variation 0’41’’

The Elevator 1’20’’

Fight at the Mole Antonelliana 0’50’’

Starry Sky Theme (Variation) and the Interior of the Mole 1’24’’

Fights! 3’56’’

Ending Titles (Starry Sky Theme and Main Theme complete version) 5’03’’

Ending Titles Song I  2’13’’

Ending Titles Song II 1’51’’

Trailer 2’05’’





Warner Chappell Music - Casa Musicale Sonzogno

Distribuited by Warner Music